Project Description

Product Name Sodium Alginate
CAS No. 9005-38-3
Molecular Formula: C5H7O4COONa
Einecs 618-415-6
Synonyms Alginate, sodium salt; Alginic acid, monosodium salt; Alginic acid, sodium salt; Algin (polysaccharide); Sodium alginate Sodium polymannuronate; Alginic acid, sodium salt
All Items Description
COLOR cream-colored powder
SOLUBILITY water forming a gel
ODOR odorless
BOILING POINT 494.00 to 496.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
INSOLUBILITY in alcohol, ether, chloroform



Sodium alginate is the sodium form of alginate. Alginate is a linear, anionic polysaccharide consisting of two form of 1, 4-linked hexuronic acid residues, β-d-mannuronopyranosyl (M) and α-l- guluronopyranosyl (G) residues.



Sodium alginate is the white crystal whose appearance and smell are similar to sugar. In the food industry, Sodium alginate has the functions of stabilization, hydration, thickening and emulsification.  It also can be used in resin coating, rubber cream agent, water treatment and so on.


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