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Product Name Sodium Acid Phosphate
CAS No. 7758-16-9
Molecular Formula: H2Na2O7P2
Einecs 231-835-0
Synonyms Diphosphoric acid disodium salt; Disodium dihydrogen diphosphate; Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate; Disodium diphosphate Disodium pyrophosphate (INCI); DSPP; SAPP; Diphosphoric acid, sodium salt (1:2); Disodium dihydrogenpyrophosphate
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COLOUR white
SOLUBILITY water producing acidic solns.
FORM white powder
MELTING POINT decomposes 220℃ [MER06]
STABILITY Fully miscible in water. Insoluble in alcohol and ammonia.



It is white powder or granular;Relative density 1.86g/cm3;Soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol; If its aqueous solution is heated together with diluted inorganic acid, it will be hydrolyzed into Phosphoric Acid; It is hydroscopic, and when absorbing humidity it will become into a product with hexa-hydrates; If it is heated at a temperature above 220℃, it will be decomposed into sodium meta phosphate. Pandachem as a leading food additives and food ingredients supplier in China, we can provide you with high quality Sodium Acid Phosphate.


As a leavening agent it is applied to roast foodstuffs to control the fermentation speed


It is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries, As a professional Sodium Acid Phosphate supplier and manufacturer, Pandachem International Corporation has been supplying and exporting Sodium Acid Phosphate from China for many years, please be assured to buy Sodium Acid Phosphate at Pandachem. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via, we will reply you within 1 working day.

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