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Product Name Potassium Periodate
CAS No. 7790-21-8
Molecular Formula: IKO4
Einecs 232-196-0
Synonyms EINECS 232-196-0; UNII-Q3LOC6P66L; Periodic acid (HIO4), potassium salt; Periodic acid (HIO4), potassium salt (1:1); Potassium periodate;;Potassium periodate;Periodic acid potassium salt; Potassium metaperiodate
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COLOR White to off-white
SOLUBILITY H2O: 0.01 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
WATER SOLUBILITY 0.42 g/100 mL (20 ºC)
STABILITY Stable. Strong oxidizer – contact with combustible materials may cause fire. Incompatible with organic material, combustible material, strong reducing agents, powdered metals.



Potassium periodate is white or colorless crystals or pieces, or powder. It is odourless, slowly soluble in water, its solubility is according the polymeric of the salt, usually 0.004%. The solution of potassium metaphosphate is alkaline.

Potassium periodate may have few circularity structure, such as potassium trimetaphosphate, potassium hexametaphosphate, like tetrapotassium tryophosphate structure.

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Potassium periodate is used as a fatter emulsifier, enhance water holding capacity, water soften agent, chelating agent and texture modifier, mainly used in seafood flavors.

Potassium periodate is also used to make potassium polyphosphate, and used as basic material for N,P,K compound fertilizer.


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